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8 Reasons I’m So Excited for this Blog

This is the most exciting project I am working on. First off, everyone should have a diverse set of investment strategies. Not just one method, or one coin-picking strategy.

That’s a newbie’s approach.

But what I’m developing here is more than just an investment blog in cryptos. This is the ground floor of an enormous trend that’s about to change the world. And you and I are at the precipice of it.

Maverick-ism” is about having the internal strength, the physical, emotional, and creative health to make your own decisions in life. To blend in but stand out. To pave your own path to success and not wait for society to dictate your career choice.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are the “Maverick” version of money. These are currencies that isn’t issued by any governments. There’s certainly no banks involved in printing more of it. No organizations in the middle that pry into your secret life, and so on and so forth.

People say “are cryptocurrencies a bubble like Tulips?” No. There’s actually 1000s thousands of years behind the development of Bitcoin. A Tulip is a flower that wither and die after the weather gets too hot.

Why do I know this? Because with my technical Engineering background, I can see the actual technology (“the code”) of Bitcoin. I can see the value, the science, the research. The math behind Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrencies will eventually solve trillions of dollars’ worth of societal problems. Which is why they will be worth trillions of dollars.

IF, and ONLY IF, you can navigate through this thick dense jungle and avoid the pitfalls, traps and scams, you get into the cryptocurrencies that actually solve the problems we’re currently facing with FIAT currencies.

Let’s take this journey together, and explore what is going to be the biggest shift in the evolution/revolution of money.

This is not just an investment strategy or a path to getting rich quickly. This is the growth of money towards an Era of Decentralization. And that is why only the open minded and progressive ones will be able to reap the full rewards of the biggest wealth transfer in Human History.

1. There is $200 TRILLION in cash, money, precious metals used as currencies in the world. There’s ONLY $300 Billion in Cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies will eventually replace FIAT currencies. So that $300 billion will EVENTUALLY rise to the level of currencies. And probably sooner than we can imagine in the age of social connectivity.

2. Money Evolves. First there was barter. Then there was gold. Then there was paper & plastic money. Now there are cryptocurrencies. Gold solved many of the problems of barter (reducing 1000s of exchange rates to just a few), paper money solved many of the problems of gold (e.g. as a store of wealth that you can travel with, or as a transaction mechanism for large transactions). And now cryptocurrencies are solving major problems in fiat money (no centralized control, lack of human error, no forgery, privacy, etc etc).

3. 95% of Cryptocurrencies are SCAMS A lot of money will be made. But just like the Internet boom in the 90s, there will be a lot of scams. My job in this blog is to research, study, use my connections, technical background, to avoid the scams. So you can avoid them. So you can find the tiny portion of cryptocurrencies that will turn that $300 BILLION into $300 TRILLION. I hate to use big numbers like that. But those numbers are facts.

Follow this blog or me on Twitter to find out about the new opportunities to invest in, actionable advice to take that will make you money, and together, all of us will ride this exciting time in our world’s history all the way to the top.

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