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6 Top Bitcoin Hosting Services for Anonymity & Privacy

6 TOP WEB HOSTING SERVICES THAT ACCEPT BITCOIN. COINZODIACAre you looking for merchants who will accept bitcoin for their hosting services?

Can’t seem to find any other outlets you can use to spend your vast amounts of BTC?

Look no further, there are a couple of highly recommended companies that allow you to spend your bitcoins like a king. They’ll even treat you like one.

Perhaps the most ingenious aspect of bitcoin’s design is its limited supply and limitless demand. By rewarding participants who contribute to the network, bitcoin derives its value from a basic need for supply and demand.

In this blog post, I will cover:

  • Why Use Bitcoin?
  • My Top 6 Picks of Hosting You Can Buy With Bitcoin
  • A Walk-through Guide to Paying your hosting with Cryptocurrency
  • My Favorite & The Best Value that your Bitcoin can Buy!!!

Why Use Bitcoin?

It could empower up to 2 billion people who are still unbanked in the world. Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer borderless digital currency that solves many of these common problems for not having a bank account.

Unbanked: Data from World Bank

It plays a “pivotal role” in reducing the number of people who are still unbanked due to economic segregation.

With bitcoin, you do not need an account to start with; you do not need to fulfill certain legal criteria before you can get access to simple cross border payment services.

Its Trustless and decentralized. What that means is basically there’s no need for that pesky middleman to verify whether B has indeed received a payment from A from anywhere in the world. And on that process, there are at least 3 to 6 parties involved if you’re sending across borders. (Did you know that banks charge me $50 just to send $80 from Singapore to the USA?)

Age and other legal restrictions will no longer be a barrier to entry and that would drastically help empower and encourage their economic participation.

A. Whether you’re in Tanzania, Indonesia or even Columbia, it doesn’t matter, you can send BTC from anywhere in the world & it will be processed instantly as all transactions are blessed with color-blind anonymity.
B. Avoid costly currency conversions. When you make a payment in your national currency on the World Wide Web, your local fiat currency gets converted into the local currency of the merchant.
C. Payment processors charge merchants 3% or higher for every credit card transaction, and that cost is passed down to you, the consumer. With LN, you pay fees at less than fractions of a cent 1/100 cent.
D. While charge-backs seem like a good feature for consumers, merchants often lose money from fraudulent card purchases. Even as a consumer, merchants can often reverse a sale and cancel your booking on an email notice (My experience w/ Agoda recently cost me thousands of dollars more from a last minute hotel cancellation, on the grounds that the offer I received was too good to be true)
E. There will be a future potential of highly loyal customers who will look for places to spend their Bitcoin in the near future once mass adoption kicks in. First movers will get to embrace this new base of potential customers.
F. A new marketing opportunity would present itself to merchants, thereby attracting special offers, discounts and deals for those who pay in Bitcoin instead of fiat currencies.
G. Your Privacy is assured as transactions you make don’t get sold to the highest bidder or stolen from the weak security the merchant uses. Your government and banks have no business prying into your private lives.
H. You will gain the first movers advantage of being a pioneer in the cryptocurrency economy. Bitcoin’s scarcity and utility will prove to be an even better value proposition than Gold to a growing population of Digital Citizens.

Paying with Credit Card Vs. Bitcoin

Extracting your personal information and finances have never been easier with a credit card. We live in a world where we sacrifice for a little convenience by giving away our basic human right to privacy.

Credit cards are broken by design because the token itself is the secret key. If you transmit that token, you expose your entire account to risk.

Bitcoin is fundamentally different. What I’m transmitting is not the key but simply a signed message, it is an authorization. And that authorization has two external references: one, to where the money’s coming from by referencing an unspent output on the blockchain; and one reference to where I want to send the money.

By creating a new encumbrance, a new limitation on who can spend the money, usually a public key or Bitcoin address. That transaction contains no sensitive data.” ~ Bitcoin advocate, Andreas Antonopoulos

Want to ensure your anonymity while purchasing a hosting solution? Choose a Hosting that accepts Bitcoin as payment!!! 

Let’s take a look at My Top 6 Picks:

Top Web Hosting Companies that Accept Bitcoin: Bitcoin Hosting Companies

A. Hostinger

shared hosting plan you can pay with Bitcoin

Hostinger is not some new kid in the block. They have been in the hosting space since 2004 and expanded internationally from Kaunas, Lithuania.

29 million clients in 178 countries is quite an impressive feat considering the fact that they started entirely out of a freemium model back in 2007.

They cater mainly to entry-level website developers or bloggers who have very basic needs. Website builder’s a plus but make sure if you do subscribe, go for the mid-level plan as the cheapest plan only offers you a single domain. Also, to lock it their price offer, you must subscribe or commit 48 months in advance.

Read the full Walk-through guide on How to Buy Hosting with BTC (+Get a Free Domain).

Paying via bitcoin or any other popular cryptocurrencies like ETH, LTC or DASH poses certain risks like no charge-backs in case you want a refund, or a sudden price change because of the volatility of a certain coin.

Pay Hosting in Bitcoin

When you’re paying in Cryptocurrencies at the moment, you’re not paying the listed price in say BTC or LTC, you’re paying the equivalent dollar of the exchange rate which in my case is 0.0003 for $2.40.

After you click on the checkout button, you will be redirected to their payment page hosted by CoinPayments based in California, where they display their bitcoin address & your payment ID.

Make sure you screenshot this page and don’t close it.

You are given approx. 3 hours to send in your payment and have to depend on them to email you for confirmation.

Remember to include some additional transaction fee for the btc network so they would prioritize your transaction. During peak periods like in December 2017, its wise to pay for the fastest confirmation, otherwise its fine to just select mid. fees.

You can check out Hostinger right here for yourself.


B. RouterHosting

Buy VPS with Bitcoin

Buy your personal Virtual Private Server (VPS) or Cloud VPS with bitcoin on RouterHosting.

Established since 2008, they have data-centers in 15 locations from U.S., U.K., Singapore and Europe.

Enjoy greater private disk space at affordable rates compared to shared hosting services with Premium SSD VPS Hosting.

More resources means better performance.

This is the only hosting service in our list that is dedicated to providing cheap VPS hosting.

Remember, VPS gives you the edge in terms of resources and scalability for the long run. 

How to Buy VPS with Bitcoin

Step 1: Go to

This is the homepage of the website, where you can see information and offers regarding VPS as well as other options. Bearing in mind the fast speed of the servers and the high customer approval rating, routerhosting is a great option for buying VPS services.

First, you have to choose what operating system you wish to have on your VPS server (Linux or Windows).

Step 2: Click on the Bitcoin pop-up / or scroll to the very bottom of the page

Find Bitcoin VPS and click on it.

Step 3: Select your desired plans and click “Start VPS”

The higher the plan the faster and less possibility of lags. If money is a problem however, then you can go with a lower plan but be aware of the heaviness of Windows to run it.

Step 4: Configure purchase.

In the order page, you configure your VPS purchase.

  • First, choose your billing cycle.
  • Enter your hostname in the ‘Name or Hostname field‘.
  • The region field is if you have a specific location to have your server ordered for.
  • You can also choose your desired Operating System.

Step 5: Click “Continue”, and then “Checkout” when you have confirmed your order.

Note The Bitcoin currency is converted into USD/EUR in all final confirmation steps, this is because Bitcoin fluctuates very erratically and hence is converted into its equivalent USD value at the time of purchase.

Step 6: Enter your Contact details

Step 7: Scroll down and pick “Bitcoin via Coingate” then click on ‘I have read and agree to the Terms of Service‘ and click on ‘Complete Order‘.

Step 8: Check your mail inbox for the VPS server details and further instructions.

Check Out RouterHosting here.

C. Namecheap

I personally recommend Namecheap for their consistency and transparency all these years. I started my blogging journey with them by buying my first domain, and until today, I never experienced a single discrepancy with their pricing and services.

In fact, they’re in this business for the long run. With over a decade under their belt, they have a list of more than a million satisfied customers. Their Migration service guarantees that you website will be migrated in under 24 hours with no more than 15 minutes of downtime, if not your first year will be FREE.

And that’s not all, while most hosting providers still doesn’t accept Bitcoin, Namecheap has already set precedence since 2013. Talk about the pioneers in this space.

You can check out Namecheap right here and see for yourself.


D. HawkHost

Don’t let the name fool you, they have been around since 2004 based in Canada.

They only accept BTC and BCH.

Here’s a tip, try to close the main page, and they’ll offer you a coupon code.

After you’ve copied the code, and decide to checkout. Simply find and apply their free promo code.

Enter your details. The password they want from you is pretty sick. Its maximum strength otherwise you will keep seeing that red notice asking you to re-enter a stronger password.

Select the Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash option. Confirm and proceed

You will be brought to an invoice type page which is quite unusual. Click on Pay Now.

Finally, their payment processing page where they only offer you two choices. They use Bitpay which is one of the biggest cryptocurrency payment processors out there, backed by the likes of Virgin Group, Ashton Kutcher, Menlo Seed, and many more prominent angel investors.

Select BTC and you will see the 2D barcode address or you can just copy the payment URL to paste in your wallet.

Go ahead and check out HawkHost here


E. Shinjiru

This company may sound Japanese but its actually a Malaysian company that has been in business since the late 2000. Turns out Shinjuru means “To Believe” and their company is listed on the AIM London Exchange which is a pretty big deal.

They started small and early, quietly building their business in the background for almost 20 years.

They position themselves as Offshore web-hosting providers and have data centers in Malaysia, Bulgaria, Holland, Hong Kong, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Russia and Singapore.

Why off-shore? Well, certain sites may host content that are either illegal or sensitive, hence, hosting in certain countries will allow them to continue operating their site without being interrupted or harassed.

There are obviously trade-offs with such hosting providers, such as low cost vs up-time. Support may not be up to par with the major hosting providers. As such, always expect the unexpected.

When you choose to decide to pay, you get 3 choices, Bitcoin (Auto), Manual and Ethereum (Auto).

What they mean with Auto is with the use of the CoinPayments gateway.

After entering all the details, you will be redirected to an invoice page, similar to the one above, where you will see drop-down options to select once again.

Click on the Pay Now button and you will be brought to the payment gateway,

From here, you can still either select BTC or ETH. The choice is yours.

If you choose Manual, you will be given this option, where you have to transfer the amount of BTC based on the current exchange rate. This option probably protects your privacy from being revealed to the payment processing gateway but you have to savvy enough to follow through with the steps including making sure you send the exact amount.

Go ahead and check out Shinjiru here

How to Pick The Best Bitcoin Hosting?

There are plenty of web hosting companies that accept bitcoin as payment nowadays.

Some offer cheap Bitcoin hosting solutions, but you’ve got to know what you’re actually buying.

It is a must to understand that the cheapest hosting packages are often Shared Hosting solutions, which is the most basic in terms of performance and speed.

Dedicated hosting on the other hand is the most expensive, but it gives you to most control and best performance bitcoin can buy.

What you should consider nowadays in terms of value for performance and up-time is Cloud Hosting.

Cloud hosting pools the resources of hundreds of computers to allow multiple applications to run simultaneously.

In other words, your website won’t go offline just because some other website is pulling more processing power.

Your website stays up even if a couple of servers go down.

Out of the long list of companies accepting your Bitcoin as payment. Hostinger stands out as the biggest winner. Not to me personally but to 890 other customers who rated them on Trustpilot.

To get a better pricing package, I recommend that you to subscribe to a longer time frame (24 to 36 months), because when you renew your package, the price will revert back to regular pricing. And it will be more expensive than your initial plan. You can Go to Hostinger right here today!

Let’s hear some of your recommendations: Have you found a Gem? Or If you have experienced any of the hosting companies accepting bitcoin, feel free to let me know.

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I Started hearing about bitcoin only in November 2017. As a solo-preneur who has build around the Maverick Philosophy, I found bitcoin to be just the tip of the spear. I watched to see who was getting into it, some of the smartest entrepreneurs who has made their fortunes being the first movers allocated portions of their investment portfolios to Bitcoin. I studied and realized that if it worked, bitcoin was going to be the first global decentralized currency. And that has never existed before. Ever. I was Hooked!


  1. Thanks for a very enlightening post. Nice! Long term games need long term thinking. Which is about relationships over transactions. Bitcoin is the future of payment and sound money.

  2. Thanks for sharing the list of hosting that accept bitcoin payments. This will come in handy in the future for me, certainly if I want to get it anonymously! Thank you.

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