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12 Popular Types of Bitcoin ATM Near Me (In Locations Worldwide)

With over 400 new ATM machines added in April, the international total number of ATMs is now 7,417

12 Popular Types of Bitcoin ATM Near Me (In Locations Worldwide). CoinzodiacLooking to buy bitcoins from an ATM?

Confused on the different types of Bitcoin ATMs available near your location?

Well look no further, you’ve come to the right place. 

Here, I’ll shed some light into finding and using all kinds of popular Bitcoin ATMs.

Coindesk recently reported an increase in Bitcoin ATM (BTMs) transactions around the world. And I don’t have to tell you why…

Things are looking bad at the moment.

Billions are now worried not only for their lives, but for their livelihood after a worldwide coordinated economic shutdown not seen since the world war.

Everybody’s out of work. The dollar buys a nickel’s worth. 

Everyone is more dependent on handouts than ever before. 

There is an infinite amount of cash being printed to keep crony corporations alive.

When money is being printed like there is no tomorrow, more and more people will choose a currency that a government does not control.

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Bitcoin is an ATM in Your Pocket

Tucked into corners of grocery stores, gas stations and transit hubs, Bitcoin ATMs is making it easier for the average person to buy and own bitcoins in times of uncertainty. 

Bitcoin-related Google searches are skyrocketing – even despite the recent crash from $8,000 to $3,800.

Perhaps people are afraid and are prepping in the most intuitive way … some instrument that’s known to be immune to inflation. ( The only known asset to have a fixed supply of ₿21,000,000)

…even when the volatility is concerning in terms of dollars (important for price discovery of a new fixed supply asset class – ₿ = $100 billion | Gold = $8 trillion ; +8,000% upside).

At least bitcoins aren’t subjected to the whims of political forces.

Bitcoin is not part of the traditional financial system today. A “Schmuck Insurance” as Billionaire Chamath Palihapitaya calls it. 

People are afraid that the banks could go broke again. The Global Financial Crisis of 2008 still lingers at the back of everyone’s mind. It has been coming for 10 years. None of the problems that happened in 2008 were fixed.

I think the average person knows that a lot of it was just swept under the rug and bailed out. They don’t feel much better off than they were then.

Holding (Hodling) bitcoins may be the only solution to trillions of dollars worth of fiat currency being printed all around the world.

WARNING! Have you been suggested a job opportunity and then asked to send bitcoins using ATM? Or found a great deal, e.g. car on craiglist, and was asked to pay in bitcoins using ATM? You are highly likely a victim of a scam!


Q: How to Find the Closest Bitcoin ATM Near Me

Simple. You can find the location of a Bitcoin ATM near you using a free and easy service online.

  1. Go to 
  2. Click on a circle near your geographical location.
  3. Or simply type in the name of your city.

World Bitcoin ATM Location

A. How to Find a Bitcoin ATM in Los Angeles

Type in the name of your city in the “white box” at the top left hand corner of the map.

Bitcoin atm los angeles machine

Check the ATM type: Genesis Coin

Proceed to learning How to Buy bitcoins at a “Genesis Coin” type ATM below.

B. How to Find a Bitcoin ATM in Singapore

Bitcoin atm singapore

Check the ATM type: General Bytes

Proceed to learning How to Buy bitcoins at a “General Bytes” type ATM below.

Click on “View Details” for more helpful information:

  • Operator name
  • Address & contact details
  • User feedback
  • Latest Bitcoin price and fees
  • Location photos
  • …and more

generalbytes bitcoin atm

C. How to Find a Bitcoin ATM in Deutschland (Germany)

bitcoin atm deutschland

Click on any location marker on the map to zoom in on the ATM location. Or click the location target to find it “near me

D. How to Find a LibertyX Bitcoin ATM (U.S.)

libertyx location finder

LibertyX was one of the first bitcoin ATMs to launch in the U.S. Now they are available in over 1,000 locations across America.

You can go to and type in the location of the city 

You can also find an ATM using the app:

If you prefer to purchase bitcoin from a person, you can also find their Cashiers, or Debit kiosks located nationwide. 

They only accept cash or a debit card (no credit cards)

Buy as little as $1 or as much as $3,000 per day.

Pre-requisite: Download their app and create your free LibertyX account. 

  1. Use the LibertyX store locator and find an ATM location near you. Use the filter to select “ATM” to only show ATM locations.
  2. Browse the List View or Map View until you find the location you want to visit.
  3. Click the location and click “Purchase bitcoin here”.
  4. Scan the QR code or paste your bitcoin address.
  5. Specify how quickly you would like the bitcoin to arrive.
  6. Your LibertyX order number will be displayed.
  7. Click the “LibertyX” button the lower right hand corner of the ATM screen.
  8. Enter your LibertyX order number from step 6.
  9. Enter your purchase amount.
  10. Insert your debit card (CREDIT CARDS NOT ACCEPTED).
  11. Enter your debit card’s PIN #.
  12. Bitcoin is sent!

E. How to Find a LocalCoin Bitcoin ATM (Canada)

canada localcoin bitcoin atm

Find over 140+ Bitcoin ATMs Across Canada

Buy and sell with the largest Bitcoin ATM network across Canada.

As the nation’s leading Cryptocurrency ATM provider, Localcoin’s goal is to provide every Canadian with easy access to cryptocurrencies.

You can find the Localcoin bitcoin ATM using this map:

F. How to Find a Cryptomat Bitcoin ATM (Georgia & Ukraine)

bitcoin atm in Georgia

Buy bitcoin easily and quickly ALL around Georgia with Cryptomat ATMs. 

Cryptomats support two-way operations which include buying and selling cryptocurrencies for cash without verification. (Min. 50 | Max. 472 GEL ~US$150)

You no longer need to create an account on an exchange, convert local currency, or wire funds anywhere to get BTC. Just find one of these ATMs in any major mall and deposit local cash anonymously to get cryptos.

How to find the ATM:

How to use Cryptomats: PDF | Youtube


How To Buy Bitcoin in Different Types of Bitcoin ATMs

At the moment there are more than 50 different Bitcoin ATM manufacturers and more than 500 different operators.

  • Genesis Coin (2499 locations)
  • General Bytes (2224 locations)
  • BitAccess (660 locations)
  • Lamassu (478 locations)
  • Coinsource (407 locations)
  • Covault (214 locations)
  • LightningXchange (156 locations)
  • Bitstop (118 locations)
  • BitXatm (86 locations)
  • Shitcoins Club (77 locations)
  • Bytefederal (68 locations)
  • zzBit (59 locations)
  • ChainBytes (28 locations)
  • RusBit (28 locations)
  • Trovemat (28 locations)
  • wBTCb (24 locations)
  • Orderbob ATM (21 locations)
  • Intellogate (21 locations)

It’s confusing and sometimes difficult for the average person to learn how to use these Bitcoin ATM machines. You need to understand the differences and the type of bitcoin machine you’re using.

To date, the majority of manufacturers have ramped up production. Genesis Coin is leading the pack with 2499 ATMs, followed by General Bytes with 2224 and BitAccess with 660 installations.

Bitcoin atm manufacturer chart
Source: Coinatmradar


Many operators have introduced new machines as well.

Top 10 operators run 3530 crypto ATMs (46.4%). There are 551 other operators, who run 4084 Crypto ATMs (53.6%).

top bitcoin atm operators
Source: Coinatmradar


How to Use a Bitcoin ATM (General Guideline)

Step-1: Get a Bitcoin wallet: Hardware or Software

Step-2: Verify your mobile number (higher amounts require more verification e.g. ID, SSN, fingerprint)

Step-3: Scan your wallet QR code / choose to receive a paper wallet

Step-4: Insert the amount you want to purchase 

Step-5: Click Send and print receipt


Genesis Coin

If you ever want to find a bitcoin ATM withdrawal near you. This San-Diego based company developed three of the most popular types of Bitcoin ATMs around:

  • Genesis1 (2-way)
  • Satoshi (1 or 2-way)
  • Finney3

genesis coin atm

1. Genesis1

The Genesis1 Bitcoin machine is a comprehensive ATM with all the AML/KYC features. It can have a finger print scanner with SMS verification function, identification card reader, and a high-definition camera.

This is a two-way Bitcoin ATM, so you could buy bitcoin with your local currency, and also sell bitcoin for cash. 

Here’s a short video guide on buying bitcoin on the Genesis1 ATM machine without any verification (if the ATM operator chooses not to implement.)

  1. Click “Buy Bitcoin
  2. Choose Bitcoin
  3. Choose scan QR
  4. Scan QR code of your bitcoin wallet
  5. Insert cash
  6. Press “Finish”
  7. Take the receipt


2. Satoshi1 & 2

With the Satoshi1 Bitcoin ATM machine, you can only buy bitcoins with cash. Satoshi2 allows you to purchase and sell. The steps are quite similar with the Genesis1.

  • First choose “buy bitcoin”
  • Choose the amount you want to buy (higher amount, more verification needed. 
  • Enter phone number using ATM pin pad, get SMS code and enter the received code
  • Then there are several options on the screen how you want to provide address where bitcoins to be sent:
    • choose QR code if you have a wallet already (recommended),
    • you can also generate and print an address by machine,
    • (Or) just input your address manually.
  • Then scan QR code of your address, and insert your cash.
  • Click finish when you are ready, and bitcoins will be sent to you
  • Get the receipt on the completed transaction.

Important! The limits and verification procedures are set by operator and can be different on the same type of machines at different locations, they might even be omitted.

The whole process is demonstrated here:

3. Finney3

The Finney3 is the newest Bitcoin ATM from Genesis Coin, and it’s also the smallest of the bunch. It’s a 1-way Bitcoin ATM, and it features just about everything that you get from the Satoshi1 – except for the size.

You will find this unit mounted.


General Bytes

General Bytes from the Czech Republic makes three primary models of Bitcoin ATMs, namely the BATMTwo, the BATMThree, the BATMFour.

  • How Does the Flagship General Bytes Bitcoin ATM Work? (BATMThree ATM machine)

4. The BATMTwo


The BATMTwo is General Bytes’ most popular machine to date. It’s a one-way ATM that provides support for over 40 cryptocurrencies, and users will be able to extend support for additional assets thanks to the addition of an Open API that’s hosted on GitHub.

This ATM machine can be used in stores or other businesses to accept Bitcoin payments (POS). The ATM has a fingerprint reader that allows for easy customer identification, and thanks to General Bytes AML/KYC infrastructure, the ATM can get a customer’s name and other details based on their cell phone number to run background checks.


To buy bitcoins on this ATM, you have to go through the following processes:

  1. Choose your preferred language
  2. Click “Buy Bitcoins”
  3. Select the quantity you want to purchase
  4. If you’re creating a new wallet, then the details of the wallet will be sent to your Email. A password will be displayed on the screen, and that is what you’ll use to open the ZIP file containing your new wallet’s details.
  5. Save it
  6. Insert the cash bills
  7. Click “Buy Bitcoins”
  8. Click “Done.”


5. The BATMThree


  • Bidirectional (cash to crypto, crypto to cash).
  • Distributes coins from wallet or crypto exchange to the customer.
  • Eye-catching design.
  • Color changing neons dragging the attention of people walking by.

The ATM comes with high-end banknote validators that identify all fake or damaged bills. You will normally find these machines in stores, casinos, and other businesses.

It supports over 40 digital assets, with a GitHub-hosted Open API that makes it possible for users to extend the functionality of the ATM to accommodate more coins.

The ATM also has General Bytes AML/KYC features, as well as the ability to be updated by the firm remotely.


6. The BATMFour

On the BATMFour, you buy Bitcoins following this short video:

  1. Click “Buy Bitcoins” on the screen
  2. Select an interval for the amount you want to purchase
  3. Scan your wallet address if you have one. You can also print a wallet and have it scanned too
  4. Insert your bills and your information will update on your screen
  5. Click on “Buy Bitcoins,” and the equivalent will be sent to your wallet address.
Bitcoin ATMs can NOT be used to make payments, transfer funds, purchase items online or buy on someone else’s behalf. If someone is asking you to buy Bitcoin for any reason, IT IS A SCAM.


Bitaccess is a Canadian Blockchain company based in Ottawa, that was founded in 2013 and funded by Y-Combinator as an early manufacturer of Bitcoin ATMs.

Since their foundation in 2013, Bitaccess has developed two machines, the BTM C & BTM SE. These machines are both two-way machines supporting cash recyclers, ID scanners, thermal printers, secure cash vaults, cameras, and expansive currency support.

The process of buying bitcoins using this ATM is the following:

  1. Choose language
  2. Press “Start”
  3. Enter mobile number
  4. Receive the validation code and enter it
  5. Select “Buy Bitcoins”
  6. Choose whether you already have a Bitcoin wallet (yes – scan it later, no – generate and print new one)
  7. Scan QR code
  8. Insert cash bills
  9. Click “I’m done”
  10. Bitcoins are sent and you receive confirmation SMS
  11. Optionally you can print a receipt as well


7. BTM C

Their entry-level model, packed with functionality for every application.

  • Functionality: Buy & Sell (Two-way)
  • Touchscreen: 19”
  • Currencies Supported: Many
  • QR Scanner: Camera
  • ID Scanner: Document Scanner
  • Thermal Printer: Receipts, Paper Wallets



A simplified, high security configuration ideal for large deployments.

  • Functionality: Buy & Sell (Two-way)
  • Touchscreen: 19”
  • Currencies Supported: Various
  • QR Scanner: Camera
  • ID Scanner: Camera
  • Thermal Printer: Optional



Lamassu is one of the oldest manufacturers of Bitcoin ATMs (a.k.a cryptomats) and now the forth-largest worldwide. Their decentralized & open-source approach continues to make them highly popular choices.

If you’re thinking of starting a Bitcoin ATM business, you should start with this company.

The company has been shipping machines since 2013 from beautiful Luzern, Switzerland.

gaia bitcoin atm

Lamassu offers a completely decentralized model where operators are in complete control of their machine and open-source software. As such, there are no licensing fees nor do they take a share of operators’ commissions.

  • Gaia
  • Sintra (1 or 2-way) 
  • Sintra Forte (1 or 2-way)
  • Douro II

gaia bitcoin atm machine

9. Gaia

The Gaia has a wall-mounted design, weighing about 25kg. It can even fit into a case. However, the device only supports purchases.

It supports numerous digital assets along with a super-intuitive user interface that promises to make bitcoin purchases as quickly as possible.

Important! There is no paper wallet printer on this ATM, so you need to bring along your Bitcoin wallet / address (either on your phone app or paper wallet)

The machine doesn’t have a camera, so normally there are no verification procedures in place. However, as it operates based on open source code software, some operators adjusted the flow and introduced verifications, e.g. phone number check by SMS (you need to find out what is the process at your location).


10. Sintra

The Sintra is fabricated from sheets measuring about 2.5mm steel. Made by skilled craftsmen in nothern Portugal.

The user interface is made entirely of glass, and gives off a sophisticated vibe in any location.

The device comes with a custom computer board, as well as battery backup. Unlike the Gaia, this machine requires some KYC compliance steps.

Some advanced features include tamper sensors, 3G connectivity, and front door control.

This ATM design is excellent, intuitive and snappy. Within 3 simple steps, scan address, insert cash, send; you can receive your bitcoins. Even with additional steps for compliance purposes, follow their strict standards of flow simplicity.


11. Sintra Forte

The Sintra Forte is an upgrade to the Sintra.

It’s about 20% larger than the original Sintra, and it comes with a vault that is controlled by an electronic lock.

The vault is made of 6mm hardened steel, and it contains a note dispenser, a note validator, and a computer board. 

Like the Sintra, the Sintra Forte comes in a 1-way and 2-way models.


12. Duoro II

The Duoro II is the newest model of the original cash to Bitcoin machine, which was the Bitcoin ATM that jump-started the industry.

They make it tantalizingly easy to obtain Bitcoins.

The new Douro II is as shapely and elegant as its predecessor, but with all the bells and whistles of next generation Bitcoin ATMs. As in the larger Sintra, the new Douro II utilizes our ssuboard, a custom computer board with battery backup, 3G hardware and tamper sensors.

It’s a 1-way Bitcoin ATM.


Q: What are the limits of buying bitcoin from an ATM?

Lower purchasing limits are normally below $3,000. May still require certain verification.

$3,001 or more requires fingerprint, ID verification, pin etc.

Average amount of bitcoin purchases: $250

Limits and verification procedures vary a lot from operator to operator, you can find information about limits and verifications on every ATM listing page, clicking on “details”.

It’s becoming incredibly difficult to purchase bitcoins anonymously. Even LocalBitcoins and Paxful is now implementing KYC compliance rules. You can consider using or

Q: What are the fees when buying from a Bitcoin ATM?

This chart doesn’t include information about flat fees, which is charged additionally to percentage commission.

A large portion of ATMs either charges 7% fee or 19%.

This chart is biased towards lower end as operators who charge higher than average rates usually disable reporting such information.

Operator’s chart is based on average fees among all machines for each operator.


New bitcoin ATMs are popping up around the globe

There was a time where you could see and hear the Internet as a clunky communication medium. In fact, logging online used to be an event. It required some scheduling in advance as only one person in a household could be signed on at once (unless you had multiple phone lines).

It took time for the modem to connect, during which you would listen to the mechanical symphony that was dial up.

Now, the Internet is in the ether; our devices are immersed in it at all times and so are we. The Internet has quite literally disappeared into background of our lives.

The goal of Bitcoin is like the internet; to make itself disappear bit by bit. Fall into the background bit by bit so that everyday people can store and send money without needing a middle man.

Bitcoin is not a speculative investment. It should always be seen from a technological standpoint before looking at it from an investment standpoint.

As more and more retailers are accepting it as forms of payment and ATMs popping up to be part of the critical everyday infrastructure, it is gradually adding legitimacy to a new form of decentralized internet of money.

We’ve only just begun…

In the world of Bitcoin, there’s so much more to delve into. That’s why I created The Zodiac Collection, that tells the story of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency revolution from every angle you can dream up.

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