Saving Money, Literally, in the Age of The Internet (Why Bitcoin?)

Saving Money, Literally, in the Age of The Internet (Why Bitcoin?) CoinzodiacThe internet is 11239 days old.

It broke the cartel of information.

Information is our source of knowledge. It’s power.

It can no longer be used to serve the purpose of enslaving the people like it did in the past.

If people are dumb and stupid, they’re easier to rule with an iron fist.

Bitcoin is 4003 days old.

Born on the internet as a native, it broke the cartel of finance.

Banking cartels use fiat to enslave people economically.

Financial institutions make people feel safe by hiding behind layers of complexity. Bitcoin brings risk front and center and brags about it on the internet.” Elaine Ou, Global Financial Access.

If people don’t have a clue how our money and financial system works, it’s easy to deceive and mislead them.

Bitcoin removes the need for banks.

Banks who are so used to debasing our purchasing power.

An economy flowing through the internet will need to be shaped by profound mathematical truth instead of a magic wand.

Bitcoin allows us to store value in a protected realm of cyberspace in which no one has any say on our money.

You can send it anywhere in the world directly to the recipient without depending on a central authority.

You can verify its authenticity spontaneously with adaptive mechanisms that aren’t reliant upon conscious decision-making that are prone to human-error and bureaucracy.

But why is the price of bitcoins so volatile?

Is the current price of Bitcoin an indication of its slow and gradual demise?

The answer might not be what you expect. Here’s why…

Bitcoin’s value has historically risen steadily over time, while the price volatility just seems to justify the attempt of the free market to find it.

Bitcoin hodlers All-time low

For the ones who invested their life-savings expecting to turn a quick profit during the 2017 bull run, hear this…

You were trapped by your own greed.

You were gambling, not investing. 

Highly respected and successful investors like Peter Thiel, Marc Andreessen, Naval Ravikant and Tim Draper view Bitcoin in terms of decades, not years or months.

Marc Andreessen who famously kick-started the whole internet movement told the Washington Post that we’ll look back in 20 years time and conclude that Bitcoin would be as influential as the internet itself.

The big difference between Andreessen and the rest of us isn’t that he’s much smarter, rather he’s more patient with he believes in.

Only long time preference individuals are able to see these kinds of revolutionary ideas play out.

Money disappears regularly in such volatile markets. Wealth never disappears,it is simply transferred to others.

As a newcomer whose sole concern is to make more money, you could be missing the whole point of Bitcoin as a get rich quick scheme.

It’s easy to get excited about a transformational technology, thinking it will change the world tomorrow and that adoption will happen overnight.

Those who bought Bitcoin at $200, saw it rise to over $1000 in 2013. 

They thought they would literally be multi-millionaires overnight.

They thought Bitcoin was going to $10,000 in no time at all.

That however, took more than 4 years to materialize.

Not only that, Bitcoin investors had to endure 2 years of a serious downtrend that saw Bitcoin lost nearly 90% of its value. 

History repeats itself.

This current situation with Bitcoin’s huge correction is striking parallels with the past.

So how can one predict the rise and fall of such volatile assets?

I can’t. Nobody can! Anyone telling you otherwise is more interested in bringing you in for a ride.

You see, most ordinary observations are based on the weather and not the climate. 

We can’t observe climate directly, all we see is the weather — but the average weather, over the course of years, reveals a pattern.

It’s why those 10-day weather forecasts are so unreliable.

So keep an eye on the climate, not the weather. 

Weather is extremely hard to predict, but the climate is highly predictable.

To predict the economic climate of the future , try observing citizens living in countries like Venezuela, Russia, Turkey, Greece, Iran or Zimbabwe…

Their fiat economy is dead. 

The poor are victims of inflation.

Unlucky individuals are singled out and made examples for tax evasion.

Storing and moving money in banks is subjected to strict financial controls.

The government has literally sucked the life out of their free market.

They’re inept at managing the smooth operations of a modern global economy flowing freely on the internet.

The game of monopoly had never ever been in your favor.

You can work hard, trade your time for money. But at the end of the day, the central bank can always print more scrap paper.

1 BTC will always be 1 BTC out of 21 Million BTC; now to eternity. 

For those who hodl Bitcoin, they understand that 1 btc will always be 1 btc now or in the future. 

So for them, it is about saving and accumulating as many BTC as they possibly can without gambling away their financial future.

Someday, they might not even have to sell them at all. 

Once a Satoshi (0.00000001 BTC) becomes a unit of account. 1 BTC could hold the value of millions of dollars in your own local fiat currency.

Sceptical? Look at countries that have to weigh their bundles of cash.

bucket load of cash

This is what happens when monetary supply is inflated over time. In this case, accelerate inflation and your economic climate is due for hyperinflation.

For those living in privileged economies (if you have a bank account, you’re most likely privileged) you cannot escape inflation as well.

All that corruption, sanctions and trade war is all about one nation gaining the upper hand over the other. 

Look at Russia, Turkey, China, Iran and India; these top 5 countries are already working out plans to ditch the U.S. dollar.

Russia’s Putin said, “We don’t have plans to ditch the dollar, it is gradually moving away from us…

It’s about politics, power and greed. 

Nations and politicians don’t care if you store the bulk of your wealth in fiat money.

To them it’s all about authority, not freedom.

Freedom for taxpayers? All that economic spending is just an optical illusion of prosperity.

More fiat money is being created out of thin air in the last few years alone than the rest of human civilization. Global debt has tripled in the past 20 years, to $250 trillion.

Don’t think the financial collapse of 2008 will happen again? Sure take more loans to buy more useless crap, buy the house or car you cannot afford, spend on cheaply made plastic goods because you saw an ad on Facebook. 

All these little things you do as a consumer add up over time (10 years to be precise). 

What’s more, these central banks didn’t create or add any value to society, all they do is charge you interest rates and fees when you transact.

They can even lend you money which they don’t really have. 

It is called fractional reserve banking. This is the epitome of printing more money out of thin air.

This fiat money is a great weapon of choice for politicians as well. Because it’s easy to control the masses of people when they’re in debt.

Bitcoin is our insurance policy against politicians.

No politician or government can control and censor anyone from sending or receiving BTC.

No one can dilute the scarcity of Bitcoin by printing more of it…

The people that say Bitcoin is going to die don’t realize that it is almost certain that THEY will die first. 

Bitcoin is written in pure code & math. 

It is omnipresent like the internet you access at the palm of your hand anywhere anytime. 

To kill Bitcoin, you will first need to kill the internet and every digital copy of the Satoshi’s white paper. 

So it will most probably outlive me, you and everyone else today.

Don’t underestimate the steady growth potential of Bitcoin.

It has a non-zero chance of becoming the world’s first sovereign individual’s reserve currency. 

Why Bitcoin Matters for Freedom

Bitcoin money

Alex Gladstein, an officer from the Human Rights Foundation published an article on TIME recently which tells the importance of Bitcoin when it comes to freedom for millions of people around the world.

In the article, he revealed how:

  1. Venezuelans rely on Bitcoin to avoid seeing all their life savings disappear because of bureaucracy. Bills are weighed in by the stacks in kilograms even for small transactions.
  2. In Zimbabwe, a corrupt politician prints vast amounts of money and inflated his people’s savings into nothing.
  3. In China, people have zero privacy and all their transactions can be easily tracked by the government because the payment processors are centralized.
  4. In Russia, an official can target a Non-profit Organization and freeze anyone’s bank account and stop them from operating, destroying any checks and balances.
    (Nobody can freeze your Bitcoin wallet.)
  5. In impoverished parts of the world, where 2.5 billion people still have zero access to banking facilities can transact Bitcoin as long as there is an internet connection.
    (No accounts to sign up, no need permission, no need to prove your identity)
  6. Countries like Iran, Venezuela and Saudi Arabia are making use of the idea of Bitcoin to create their own state-controlled cryptocurrency, like the Petro making it even easier for mass surveillance on the public.
  7. Human Rights Foundation notes that more than 50% of the world’s population still lives under an authoritarian regime.

Gladstein concluded that Bitcoin has a real potential to impact the remaining 4 billion people in the world who can’t trust their leaders or even access financial institutions.

For many, Bitcoin is a way out, not an investment scheme to make more fiat money.

While you may have the privilege to access banking today, don’t let the public notion of speculation, fraud and greed in the cryptocurrency space stop you from learning more about Bitcoin.

One of the greatest challenge in life is knowing enough to think you’re right but not enough to know you’re wrong.

Bitcoin’s radical price movements are just a distraction.

Hold some Bitcoin today as a hedge against an uncertain future. 

You can always pass it down to your children knowing that 1 btc will still be 1 btc decades from now. Your local currency on the other hand will most certainly lose its purchasing power over the years.

We’ve only just begun…

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