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Is it safe to invest in Bitcoin now?

When you’re talking about an entry point with Bitcoin, you can get in now when there’s risk, uncertainty and obstacles in front of you and buy bitcoin for 8,500 or you could wait…

There’s a lot of risk right now, but the upside could be 10 to 100 times the price it is right now.

If you prefer to wait until all of the obstacles and uncertainties are removed, it’s going to cost you.

How much would it cost you?

Triple or quadruple times the price of a single Bitcoin. You won’t have to jeopardize your hard earned money but then you will not have the upside either.

There’s never a safe time to buy. This is the Wild West at the moment.

But that’s where the opportunity lies.

Real money is only made when there are dirt roads.

A safe time to buy is when the roads are paved but by that time everyone including your Uber driver would be expecting bitcoins as payment.

Don’t wait. You and I are lucky this is still the 2nd inning of a 9 inning ball game. I missed the last Gold Rush and it turned out fine for companies like Google & Amazon.

The wealth and value created from the last Gold Rush was insane. (hint: The internet)

This is the next Gold Rush, and it is attracting and Stealing all the smartest and brightest talents from all kinds of industries including PhD Doctors, Wall Street firms and Silicon Valley Tech-preneurs.

Simply, this is something really worth looking into.

And i’m not talking about get rich quick schemes and pump and dump ICOs, trading hours for money is a fool’s game.

This is about building a more efficient, global system that encourages participation of every human regardless of geography and socio-economic status.

With disruptive technologies such as this;

There’s risks and concerns almost everyday, I’ve learnt to disregard all of them.

I’ve learnt not to pay any attention to them.

They’re all just noise scaring the weak hands and the ignorant away from the opportunity of a lifetime.

This is a supply demand imbalance unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

And there’s going to be hundreds of millions of people trying to get their hands on just a few million bitcoins.

Sure you could head to the beach and wait for the next 5 years to let all this regulation play out and all the mess to get sorted out.

But in capital markets such as this, you get compensated for the risk you take;

What kinds of risk are you talking about?

Network scaling debate, Government regulation, Technology development; you’re getting compensated with high potential returns for taking all those risks now.

Because 5 years from now, it will be a much more established asset class, the volatility will be much much lower and more in inline with stocks and bonds.

But the potential returns will echo that on the upside,

It all depends on your risk tolerance, if you want that high potential returns, you got to be willing to take the high risk right now.

That would be the risk you take by going to the beach and waiting it to play out because you risk the accumulation.

If you’re wondering if i have a crystal ball at hand, I don’t , i don’t know when it is going to drop again or when it will rise again.

Your best option is to forget all of that and just buy and add to your position. If you’re convicted with Bitcoin as I am, whenever there’s a sale going on , add to your position!

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Winson Ng

I Started hearing about bitcoin only in November 2017. As a solo-preneur who has build around the Maverick Philosophy, I found bitcoin to be just the tip of the spear. I watched to see who was getting into it, some of the smartest entrepreneurs who has made their fortunes being the first movers allocated portions of their investment portfolios to Bitcoin. I studied and realized that if it worked, bitcoin was going to be the first global decentralized currency. And that has never existed before. Ever. I was Hooked!


  1. Good explanation..I am staying positive on the adoption of cryptocurrencies..its only a matter of time..

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