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Best Asian Bitcoin Websites To Buy Bitcoins [The Ultimate Guide for 2019]

Bitcoin interest in Asia is not waning. Thinking Bitcoin’s days are over because of regulation and major corrections in the past 9 months is betting that a $100 billion dollar empire would ultimately fail.

I’ve been watching major entities moving their chess pieces across the board to explore then exploit Bitcoin and I’m smiling grimly for the masses who’ve yet to own some Bitcoin.

Instead of trying to earn more fiat currencies like the $US Dollar, I’ve come to realize that, that is no longer an important number to keep tabs on.

Increasing the monetary supply to ensure limitless economic growth of nations is tax on our individual hard earned wealth. It is an illusion of prosperity.

Bitcoin on the other hand has a fixed supply and its the first of its kind sovereign and autonomous digital currency.

There are patterns to everything. Ian Fleming said it first – twice is a coincidence, three times is enemy action..

Why are the insiders and first movers so bullish?

Well, consider just some of the news released over the past few months:

  1. NYSE Owner starts the Bakkt exchange that offers bitcoin to retirement funds.
  2. Goldman Sachs quietly signing up customers for its yet-to-launch Bitcoin product
  3. Northern Trust Crypto custody – Serves 25% of Forbes 400 wealthiest families in the US
  4. Coinbase partnering with BlackRock to offer ETFs – A $6 Trillion dollar asset manager
  5. Citigroup Offering Digital Asset Receipts to own Crypto without physically owning them
  6. Fidelity Investments — $2.3 trillion under management—to launch crypto-based services at year end. They publicly acknowledged Satoshi Nakamoto on its website.
  7. Google reversing its ban on cryptocurrency ads in the United States and Japan.
  8. Here’s a video of Tom Lee drawing some very important conclusions with his data:

When you’ve got Fidelity, Northern Trust, BlackRock, and Goldman Sachs — all coming together to give their clients an opportunity to get involved in this brand new asset class… you’re going expand a market that’s just over $100 billion dollars today to over $300 Trillion dollars in the future.

That growth alone could potentially mean that a single Bitcoin could be worth $10 million dollars.

Right now it’s difficult for non-tech savvy people to own Bitcoin, but when all these big money making machines start to make it easy for their clients to buy Bitcoin with a simple push a button inside their accounts, the price of Bitcoin would skyrocket.

It’s fairly similar with what I saw with Apple in 2003.

Apple had just launched the iPod… But it has a very tiny market share—around 3%. That’s because Apple built their product inside a walled-garden, only people who had an Apple computer could buy and use it.

But when Apple opened up it’s gates to PC users… all of a sudden, 97% of the market opened up. And Apple’s stock exploded.

It will be a recurring pattern that we’ll see here with the Bitcoin price.

When something goes from being very difficult to very easy to get into, you have a lot more participants in the network. And when you have a lot more participants—especially in a limited supply asset like Bitcoin that only has 21 million coins—prices are going to go UP UP UP! 🤑📈

Remember, what’s good for Bitcoin is good for the entire crypto-sphere.

I understand it doesn’t feel that way right now, especially when you see the market being down as much as it has been.

I even bought during the high in November and December 2017. I only bought it on the condition that I will not cash them out for the next 10 years.

Here’s my maxim: Buy the ticket, take the Ride! #HODL

So what’s the best way for you to take advantage of this knowledge?

First, everyone should buy a little Bitcoin. It’s the reserve currency of the crypto world. Institutions will need to buy Bitcoin before they can buy other coins. (Alternatively Earn some Bitcoin)

And remember, you don’t need to buy much. Just a tiny fraction of a Bitcoin could turn into life-changing gains. So keep your positions sizes small or what you’re comfortable with losing—that way, you can ride out the volatility.

Right here, I’ll be updating the list of major websites in Asia where you can buy Bitcoin. I will be updating this list from time to time, you can bookmark this awesome resource page right here for your convenience.

Asian Bitcoin Exchanges

Most exchanges listed no longer work due to government imposing a ban or shut down
TL;DR: For countries that have restrictions, the Best Way to Buy Bitcoins is using OTC (Over the Counter) Bitcoin exchange such as LocalBitcoins or using your Credit or Debit card on Changelly or Coinmama

Make sure you get yourself a Bitcoin wallet like the Ledger or the Trezor that will securely store your bitcoins before attempting to purchase on any of these websites.

Buying Bitcoins In China & India

The two biggest markets in Asia used to drive immense demand for Bitcoin. Due to capital controls and fear of money-laundering schemes, the governments have imposed bans and strict measures to restrict cryptocurrency trading.

This isn’t a strategic move made by these authoritarian regimes because it will only drive demand underground. Making Bitcoin even more relevant than before.

Bitcoin was Highly Popular in China before the ban imposed in late 2017. Some of the exchanges that used to be the biggest in terms of volume and trading velocities were:

  • BTC China
  • Huobi
  • OKCoin

The Chinese were buying Bitcoin on these exchanges to send money out of their country, it is known that there is a USD $50,000 per year limit for citizens in China to send money overseas without needing government permit.

Using Renminbi (RMB), they could essentially buy Bitcoins on OKCoin, and then send their Bitcoin to an overseas exchange like Coinbase; sell it there and cash out in US Dollars.

Today all of these exchanges have been shut down by the government. If you’re in China, you are restricted from opening accounts on most bitcoin exchanges overseas.

If you still own Bitcoins from before the ban was carried out, you can still trade it face to face via peer-to-peer marketplaces known as LocalBitcoins.

The flaw with using these marketplaces is security and volume: Since the platform operates independently and does not handle your money, you have to rely on your own judgement and decide whether or not the seller or buyer is trustworthy enough to trade with.

Of course, you will be able to see the traders’ prior reputation and percentages of successful trades. My advice, take these ratings with a pinch of salt.

For that reason alone, most traders on LocalBitcoins only dabble with very low volume trades.

Popular Indian Bitcoin Exchanges

In India where most trading is done for speculative purposes, the government has initiated a ban on trading and recently they’re also mulling on a blanket ban on all cryptocurrency usage. Very sad news indeed.

Before such a move, some of India’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges were:

  • Zebpay (Moved to Malta)
  • Unocoin (Founders arrested)
  • Coinsecure (Hacked)

For now, the only way for you if you live in India is to use your Debit/Credit Card / Peer-to-peer websites (p2p) / Over-the-Counter (OTC) exchanges.

Here are some ways for you to purchase Bitcoins hassle free and instantly in India:


  1. LocalBitcoins

With LocalBitcoins, you’re allowed to purchase Bitcoins using all kinds of options like PayPal, Gift Cards, In-person and even cash deposits.

Prices listed by sellers on this website remains on the high end. And if you’re looking to buy Bitcoins with Cash, make sure you transact in Public places & make sure no ones following you home. Seriously!


2. Changelly

With Changelly, you get to purchase your Bitcoins instantly and securely without any delay. Changelly is trusted by most major exchanges, corporations, wallets and coin market cap sites.


3. Bitbns

At the top, this p2p exchange site that only started in late 2017 is the brainchild of IIT graduates who are also crypto addicts.

They are proud of their fastest Peer to Peer feature that will have your transactions completed within 30 minutes or else.


Buying Bitcoins In Japan, South Korea & Singapore

These are countries that fully embrace Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. They offer highly liquid exchanges where you can find the best price to pay for your BTC.


  • Bitflyer
  • Kraken
  • Coincheck
  • Liquid by Quoine

South Korea

  • Korbit
  • Coinplug
  • bithumb



  • Maicoin

In ASEAN the majority of South East Asian countries, are either deemed illegal or they have banking issues, as banks are reluctant to work with Bitcoin exchanges.

Note: Use LocalBitcoins or Changelly | CoinMama

  • The Vietnamese government has made it illegal to use Bitcoin as payment, their state bank decreed. The government even confiscated the local bitcoin website.
  • Specifically, In Thailand you could still buy Bitcoins on local websites like:
    • (Owned by
  • Indonesia would regulate Bitcoin as a commodity. Although, you could still buy locally on Luno or Indodax.
  • Malaysian banks are making it difficult for exchanges to operate.
  • In Philippines you could use websites:

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Best Asian Bitcoin Websites To Buy Bitcoins [The Ultimate Guide for 2019]

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